April 5th : Janice Bye

Janice has been an avid knitter for many years. She always took knitting with her whenever she took her 3 sons to the playground, and just never put down the needles. Janice met Judith Shadgold who was a local knitting designer, and this turned into a job where they were the US distributor of Manos Yarns. She could ship yarns to the stores, edit patterns and knit samples for both Judith and Jil Eaton. After almost 10 years, the yarn company was sold , so Janice continued with her passion. She has had patterns published in the One Skein Wonders series, and still knits samples and edits patterns. Janice is seldom without needles and yarn.


Wonderful meeting about the Underground Railroad.

Exceptional Workshop- Self Portraits!

March/April Newsletter

The March/April newsletter is now online. Go to the newsletter tab and click on Mar.april.

February Meeting

Wednesday, February 1:

Member’s Journeys Sandra Morelli-Collectible Aprons

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Donna Childs Special Crochet Workshop- TBA

Loom n’ Shuttle

As of Jan. 31 the Loom ‘n shuttle quilt/yarn shop (Rte. 1A, Ipswich, just past the high school) is closing.    Fabrics are now 25% off and yarn is discounted more.

The January, February newsletter is now online.

December 7th meeting


  • Holiday Party

  • Please bring hats, mittens, scarves etc for our Giving Tree
  • Food Galore
  • Live Piano Music
  • Crafter’s Tables